More Cleaning Tips from our expert in Hove

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Useful Tips for Home Cleaning from Cleaners in Hove

It is surprising how many homes in Hove have similar cleaning issues most of these can be easily solved and I am hoping to share with you some simple solutions.

Surprisingly more people cook with gas than electric in homes in Hove I clean and these can be some of the most stubborn stains to remove. I have found a couple of easy ways to remove the most hardened stains.

My mum always used bleach to remove most of the worst stains in our home and if you pour a little bleach in around the stained areas and leave for about 20-30 minutes then wash off with warm water this is a very easy way to remove 99% of those hardened stains. However many people including myself prefer not to use bleach because of the damage it can do to clothing.

An alternative to bleach is to use a paste of biological washing powder combined with baking soda (50/50) and water, the baking soda helps remove the odours. If you apply this paste to the stained areas and leave for about 30 minutes then remove with warm water this is very effective.

I generally use a mix of biological washing powder and water, which I make into a paste and spread it over the stained areas for about 20-30 minutes then clean off with soapy warm water. I then take half a lemon and wipe down the cleaned areas and after 5 minutes clean the juice off with a dry cloth, this leaves a nice refreshing smell.

If you have a white fridge do you always notice the rubber seal is always the first to pick up the dirt, it is the groove down the middle which is a problem normally this can be cleaned with a common disinfectant cleaner then wiped over with warm water.

A good whitener tooth paste and a toothbrush I was shown is the most effective cleaner by a cleaner in Hove, most whitening toothpaste have a little bleach formulation in them and by using the toothbrush this gets to the bottom of those narrow gaps and cleans very effectively – Just remember to clean after using warm water as the bleach in the toothpaste will rot the rubber seal if not cleaned off.

Cleaners in Hove are full of neat ideas, one cleaner I know told be that by applying plain old furniture polish to the fridge door this stops food stuff sticking to the door and makes stains easy to wipe off. I would always clean the door with lemon and water first to take off existing stains, before applying a light coat of polish.

This make cleaning the fridge door with soap and water quick and easy the next time a minor spill takes place and allows you more time to worry about other chores.

Well I hope these tips from the cleaners of Henfield work for you.

Fran Riley